Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selecting Jenmanii Seeds

With increasingly high prices of jenmanii seeds, proper attitudes need to be careful in buying seeds especially for his own collection. Because for many people is reckless in buying seeds, from cheap brushed, but do not know how to form and how much its parent. This regret has been experienced by many novice collectors who only believe in broker, without ever seeing its parent.

Often people see seeds two or three good-looking leaves and a round thick want to buy it, let alone the difference in price between five and ten thousand dollars compared to general price. Would want to buy in large quantities, because at this time to search very hard jenmanii seeds though prices are translucent hundreds of thousands to three leaves.

But after the age of seven months or seven out of leaves, seeds which used to be good, get out the original nature of the long stems of elongated leaves. If you have any regrets so usually, because it features jumbo Jenmanii giant eyebrows which must enter the category Jenmanii not good.

This jumbo Jenmanii parental many have, the price also not expensive like Jenmanii who have character, because it is considered normal Jenmanii. But for owners of this giant Jenmanii parent is able to benefit from a production machine. Because while the price of hundreds of thousands of translucent seeds each cob Jenmanii jumbo which has aged any could make thousands of seeds, which unlike Jenmanii have good character, relatively low seed production at most three to four hundred only.

A good parent is not necessarily a good result all the chicks, but in general most of the good produced seeds. Conversely if the parent is less good, certainly much less if its offspring is good.How its couldn't see its parent, because for many merchants who sell seed not from the results of parent itself but from someone else?

There are some important things to note, namely:

1. Thick leaf
Thick leaves are generally produced from a good parent, for example Cobra, mustard, Pagoda, Piton, Entong, Jackfruit leaves and so on. Even when adults do not have the character, a thick-leafed Jenmanii still have high economic value.

2. Prominent fiber
Fiber should be prominent. In three of four seed leaves, leaf fibers are usually visible. The bigger, the clearer the fiber. Because the fiber is one sign of a quality Jenmanii, the prominent fibrous Jenmanii have high economic value.

3. Leaf width
Choose a broad leaf, or broad-leaf seeds. Because most likely as adults will have the character, whether it be a bowl, or other Sweta. But it does not mean it leaves somewhat elongated ugly. Understandably, Jenmanii mutations frequently occur during adulthood. Then maybe all, Jenmanii which leaves ugly form turn into a character like Jenmanii jaipong, machetes or other.

Jenmanii are unique, small-to enter good teenagers, but adults sometimes appears before the original gene instead of the leaves turned ugly, and vice versa. It's probably like that rarely happens, but it never happened. Therefore, consider fiber and thickness, if a good fiber thick okay, although the leaf shape will change.

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