Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to take care Aglaonema Flowers

Aglaonema plants are relatively easy to maintain. Fertilizer should be given to plant Aglaonema is manure, manure humus, compost, micro nutrients, inorganic fertilizers, hormones and fertilizers. 2 types of fertilizer latter is generally a slow fertilizer dust. We recommend that you give them any type of fertilizer in the 1 x 3 or 6 months. As for micro-nutrient elements, should be sprayed as many as 1 x each month.

To take care aglaonema roots, if you want, be given vitamin B1 of 1 x week. Giving the prime fertilizer made at the age of 2 months of seed growth. During the dry season, Aglaonema should be flushed regularly and routinely give fertilizer every week. Whereas in the rainy season, reduce the frequency of watering to 2 or 3 weeks. Replace media Aglaonema plant at least 1 x in a year. When pulled from the pot Aglaonema to replace the medium, hold the rod at the base Aglaonema firmly and tilt the pot to the medium deprived of Aglaonema.

Clean the roots and tubers from the rest of the media Aglaonema attached by immersion in water for a maximum of 30 minutes. How to replace a good media is to prepare the coated styrofoam pots or broken tiles or brick red at the bottom. Then, enter the new media to a high-thirds of the pot. Put Aglaonema on new media, right in the middle of the pot and then Hide the media until the pot filled. To condense the media in the pots, hit-hit side of the pot so that the media down by itself.

Avoid pressing the media surface by hand as this may damage the roots of Aglaonema. After a solid, give fertilizer dust and water slowly until quite wet. Aglaonema is a plant that is resistant to pests, so you need not worry favorite ornamental plant fungal infection. Aglaonema only take 4-5 months to grow big and optimal. At that age, you are able to quickly expand your Aglaonema.

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