Friday, September 18, 2009

Beautiful Waterfall Garden

Urban life which is identical with the bustle and the high level of tension is one of the drivers of the emergence of the concept of house layout back to nature. The reason is, the desire for peace and relaxation after a day of activities to be an inevitable requirement.

One way is to use water element, as one of the basic elements used for the spatial concept. The water is believed to be peace element and through the rush of sound, the water became one of the ways the mind and soul therapy. Not only that, according to feng shui views, acceptable water also believed to bring success to the occupants.

Talking about the water element in the concept of home interior, there are three ways that can be done, ie waterfalls, fountains, fountain and aquarium fish.

Waterfalls of the house could be presented in a way put them on the wall and make a fish pond at the bottom. Make sure that the sound of water coming out is not too hard, because the elements of the desired peace is not achieved and it just makes the house more and more noisy. Also adjust the size of a large land with this artificial waterfall.

Stone elements, whether through painting techniques and materials used are identical to the making of this waterfall is one of the value added to thicken the natural impression of the house.

Meanwhile, water fountains and fountain is more useful to apply to the little house where the remaining land is not too much, though not closed may also be used to house a large area. Not only able to soothe the soul, the presence of the fountain in the corner of the room can also add to the elegance of your home, with forms and beautiful designs.

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