Monday, March 30, 2009

Exotic Croton Leaves

Shapes and colors of exotic Croton leaves, making a single type of plant has the economic prospects in the future.

Currently, public attention lovers and collectors of ornamental plants were still on Anthurium. Money tens to hundreds of millions of dollars is not the issue for these types of ornamental plants. So, no wonder the scalpers and brokers are also plant species thrive like grass in the rainy season.

But, like a taste for clothes, any time is always changing. Similarly, plants. At one point it became a favorite plant communities, and at other times gave way to other ornamental plants. It also guided the traders of ornamental plants in offering wares. After Anthurium offer other types of plants, which he said has great prospects in the future. One type of offer is Puring, similar to tananam garden decoration.

Amdanih, one farmer in the center of ornamental plants ornamental plants Sawangan Depok, West Java, now secretly preparing dozens of croton plants. The same is also done by other farmers in the area.

Many Kinds

Croton or is Kodium Indonesia indemik plants. The species is most numerous in the eastern part of Indonesia. Initially, this plant is considered as a wild plant. Easily found in the cemetery, especially on old graves. The beauty of this plant is located on the exotic leaves. Both colors would also leaves plenty of variations.

Plants araliase Puring including family or woody plant species (berkambium) from shrubs to trees. Hundreds of species. Among the many types of it, the best known is Puring Kura, Candles, Chili, Chicken Feathers, Fire, Jet and Spagethi. Providing a form adapted to the leaves. Candles puring example, because the diameter of the wax-like leaves. Or Puring Chicken Feathers, feather-like leaves. Puring Kura Similarly, because the leaves are like the tortoise.

But not all names were based on leaf shape. There is also based on a cross or a place of origin of these Puring plant. Example Puring Malang, because this type of results obtained from crosses made in Malang, East Java. Similarly Oskar type, Kura, Ketapang, India, and Kura Thailand.

Croton plant which is used as a component manufacturing park. Initially, this plant needs to follow the development of property business. "If the good development of the property world, the demand for croton also good. There the term, if the cement is sold then the Puring behavior, there can be no one to make a house without a pohonpun, "said Maritza added.

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