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Water Elements in the Garden House

Element water has a million meanings. What if the water wanted to be included as one element of home design?

Elements of water is often presented to sweeten the park, be it swimming or just water the plants. The presence of the rush of water, shadow ripples the pond, and the nimble movements of fish can create a cool and calm when we relax in the park.

Unfortunately, often the design and selection of appropriate elements of water or less in harmony with the park. As a result, the beauty of the park becomes less optimal, and then emerge feeling lazy to maintain it. Elements of water and then become dormant, dry, or dirty moss. And, no small cost to manufacture. Therefore, careful consideration needs before choosing and making the water element in the garden house. Here are some examples of the water element commonly used in home gardens.

Swimming Relief
This pool is "attached" to the same wall of natural stone wall. Usually made of chicken wire, rocks, and cement. The design was focused on the pool wall reliefs with stroke-stroke texture stone natural impression. Manufacturing cost is relatively expensive because it required specialized personnel with expertise, especially when equipped with a waterfall that requires a water pump.

Pool of this type is very suitable when the available land is relatively narrow, but provides a view of space that is wide enough so that relief can be enjoyed from the wall a short distance. For example, the park is located at the back of the narrow house, but can be enjoyed (viewed) from the living room / dining room.

Swimming can be made for the relief of indoor and outdoor parks. For indoor gardens, air circulation should be noted that the house is not humid, especially when decorated with a waterfall. For decorative plant small plants should be selected and fine-textured ferns hung like centipedes (Nephrolepis biserata), philodendron (Philodendron Sp), and buggy. Not recommended to plant woody plants and high trunked. When exposed to enough sunlight can also be used hanging flowering plants such as lantana (Lantana sellowiana) and orchids.

Lighting (lighting) which shone into the plant or on the wall of waterfall can view the beautiful shadow effects. For simple lighting, Lay toro (Japanese style stone lantern) at certain points.

Pond maintenance relatively easy relief. Dark color and coarse texture makes it easy to look dirty. However, the pool still needs to scrubbed and the water replaced regularly in order not to be a nest of mosquitoes.

Natural stone pond
Brief shape is similar to swimming relief, but minus the artificial wall. Made of stone slabs and cement. Impression of wild (not ordered) and natural pond alloys arise due to formation of rough stone and lush plants dangle. Natural stone pond mostly found in the park Bali, a tropical garden and Japanese garden.

Variations can be added to fountains or waterfalls and accent statue. In Balinese garden, a statue that is used is usually associated with mythology and folklore Bali like frogs, turtles, and monkeys. While the Japanese garden, accents and penciri is tsukubai toro (fountain bamboo pipes) and the dwarf trees of pine and rhododendron family.

Maintenance for the simplest of these ponds. Because the atmosphere is allowed to park memorable experience need not be cleaned too often. If there must be considered ornamental fish and water and air circulation with a pump. Natural stone pond should be placed in areas exposed to the sun.

If the land is relatively wide and contoured, this type of pool could be developed into a kind of miniature river (creek). If made as a river, should be considered a source of water and circulation. Since the flow far enough so the water will quickly run out, so that the natural water resources better. These ponds usually invite people to play water, especially small children, so that safety factors should be considered. Bottom of the pool should be made not slippery. Therefore, maintenance was a bit difficult because the have brushed regularly.

Square pond
His form of a rectangular swimming pool is decorated lips granite or marble tiles. Commonly used in Mediterranean gardens, Balinese gardens, and modern gardens.

In Balinese garden, plant used water is Salvinia (Pistia stratiotes). For a large enough pool of water plants can be used like a lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), stock (Thypa angustifolia), and water helikonia (Thalia dealbata). While the garden plants that can add to the beauty of the pond include frangipani Japanese (Adenium coetanum), ornamental bananas (Heliconia Sp.), Croton (Codeaum variegatum), and bali pandan (Pandanus Tectona).

In the modern and Mediterranean gardens, ponds are usually rectangular function as a Reflecting Pool and the focal point. The bottom is often decorated with coral brushes, ceramic mosaic pattern, and even coins. It acts as a focal point, lighting in the pool. If the mirror coated in a pond, the pond will be memorable shower of light. The most widely used plants are succulent shades of desert plants such as sikas (Cycas revoluta), palm short, siklok (aloe agave), yucca (Yucca gloriosa), and cactus.

Maintenance and creation of this pool quite expensive. Should always be regularly drained and cleaned so that no moss. Raw granite and marble are also quite expensive. Can be used as an alternative to ceramics, andesite stone, or stone temple.

Swimming Pancur
Shower is a swimming pool containing water from the shower attached to the wall. Its size is usually small and made of concrete. This pool is usually adorned European gardens, where water from gargoyles memancur (gutter) the shape of lion heads. This pool is very suitable for small area because it can paired with garden style. Can also be a pool of origin wudlu water hygiene is maintained.

Making the pool shower was difficult because they have to create a new water network in the least cost tembok.Mahal depending on the pump and the selection of materials (granite, marble, or concrete). For treatment, the pond needs regular brushing.

Fountain Swimming
Pool is circular with a fountain in the middle. Large surface placed on the ground, and made of concrete. Small and "legs" are sold in the form of "so" of fiberglass or ceramic materials. Maintenance is relatively difficult due to periodically cleaned and dried.

Large pond, complete matching European gardens, modern gardens, and parks Islam. Third-style formal garden is symmetrical, ie the composition of plants over the four corners. Swimming is usually decorated with detailed ornemental and placed in the middle of the park as a focal point.

Lighting focuses on a detailed fountain or pond in order to create interesting shadows. Do not place a high garden lights near the pool so as not to snatch the attention.

Plants that are used are usually fine textured and trimmed. For tall plants, select plants that are not dominant shapes and colors such as pandanus and Yuka, so there is a balance between the pond and suggested tanaman.Tidak water plants.

Water Plant in Pot
Contains a large pot of water plants or single plant can provide water in a garden accent. Lighting is focused on the flower or plant canopy may provide a different view.

Large pot-shaped terracotta urn was in accordance with the corner of the indoor garden of tropical or Balinese style. Crop water use varies from papyrus to the water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes). Can be combined with statues of animals and plants used. When using water plants like lotus flowers, the sun should be enough available to be flowering plants.

Pot white color / light and the legs can be used for formal composition, such as the European-style gardens. Crop water used should be small as Salvinia. As for the Japanese garden, the pot should be placed as a focal point. Combine with the hard elements such as bamboo and coral littered with interesting composition.

Plant maintenance is easy because they do not need to be cleaned or dried. But keep in mind clean so as not to become a nest of mosquitoes.

In design, some types of ponds can be combined so that a unique memorable such as swimming relief, natural and integrated mini river in a large park area, or pond fountain shaped natural stone. Complementary elements can also be mixed-match as you wish and imagination. Happy creating!

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